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Molynycke Barrier Face Masks-Tie On

Molynycke Barrier Face Masks-Tie On

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Molynycke Barrier Face Masks-Tie On

The skin area around the mouth and nose is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. In a healthcare setting, where facemasks are used for many hours on a daily basis, comfort is key to product acceptance by the OR-staff. At the same time, high bacterial filtration efficiency is needed to optimize patient protection. All BARRIER® Face Masks meet or exceed the requirements of the European Standard EN14683:2005.

BARRIER facemasks are made from highest quality materials and offer several strong benefits:

  • BARRIER facemasks offer optimal bacterial filtration efficiency which helps reduce the risk of infections by minimizing the risk of bacteria spreading from staff to operating room air.
  • Low breathing resistance greatly improves the feeling of comfort for the staff. A face mask which feels cool makes it easier for the OR staff to follow the correct mask wearing discipline.
  • An optimized cup shape is important to keep the mask away from the user’s lips during use to minimize contact between mouth and facemask. This prevents the facemask minimizes risk of skin irritation and will prevent possible fluid strike through and the subsequent transmission of microorganisms from inside to outside.
  • The product range includes splash resistant masks (EN14683:Type IIR) which protect against liquid strike through and thereby protect staff against transfer of potentially contaminated liquids.

Case Qty: 6 Boxes of 50 Masks

Box Qty: 1 Box of 60 Masks


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