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Micro-Touch Nitrile Accelerator - Free

Micro-Touch Nitrile Accelerator - Free

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Micro-Touch Nitrile Accelerator - Free


A unique combination of barrier protection, allergy prevention and comfort.

Today, healthcare workers are highly aware of the risk of Type I allergies resulting from exposure to latex. Made of 100% nitrile, Ansell’s Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free glove contains no latex and is powder-free. Moreover, as the first accelerator-free nitrile glove in the Micro-Touch® range, it also significantly minimises the risk of Type IV allergies. Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free gloves provide an effective barrier protection against punctures and a wide range of chemicals. Together with easy donning, high comfort and sure grip, these qualities make Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free the optimal choice for many healthcare professionals.

Features and Benefits
Allergy prevention

Made of 100% nitrile, Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free gloves are free of natural rubber latex and powder, minimising the risk of Type I allergies. Plus, the complete absence of accelerator chemicals and the 100% thiuram-free formulation significantly reduce the risk of Type IV allergies.

Safety and chemical resistance

Nitrile gloves offer better puncture resistance than vinyl gloves and most latex gloves. Indeed, Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free meets or exceeds all international and national safety standards. The glove also provides high resistance to a number of chemical products.

Comfort and ease-of-use

A thin glove, Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free provides latex-like comfort. ‘Thermo-elastic’ material that adapts to the hand’s shape assures even more comfort. In addition, Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free comes in five sizes, so all users experience a perfect fit.
Chlorination of the glove’s inner coating facilitates donning, while the lack of powder considerably reduces the risk of skin abrasion. Micro-textured finger surfaces ensure a good grip on instruments. And the indigo blue colour makes easy product identification possible.


All non-sterile medical procedures requiring barrier protection

All applications requiring latex allergy prevention for healthcare workers and patients (e.g. oncology, paediatrics)

All applications requiring Type IV allergy reduction for healthcare professionals.

100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per carton


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